Basil Oil

Basil Oil

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  • Basil essential oil is a member of the mint family and is derived from the leaves of the plant Ocimum Basilicum.
  • Basil is known as tulsi in India, where it is considered as a sacred herb.
  • It is frequently used in Asian traditional medicine because of its inherent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-depressant, and diuretic characteristics.
  • This oil mainly suits oily skin. 


Alpapinene, Camphene, Beta-pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Camphor, Linalool, Methyl chavicol, Terpineol, Citronellol, Geraniol, and Eugenol.


1. Skin-soothing action:
Excellent anti-inflammatory effects of basil oil help to prevent skin problems. Basil leaves' calming properties aid in the treatment of eczema. The benefits of vitamin C increase the suppleness and metabolism of skin cells.

2. Combats acne:
If acne is causing you anxiety, all you need is this miraculous herb basil oil, which cleanses the blood of toxins and stops acne from developing. Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce inflammation, which reduces pimple swelling. For permanent acne eradication, use basil oil.

3. Skin Purification:
By removing extra sebum, debris, dead skin cells, and other impurities from the pores, basil's natural constituents help to unclog them

4. Gives glowy skin:
Basil essential oil is a natural skin-brightener that is infused with antioxidants to help rehydrate dull skin. Its skin-tone-enhancing and exfoliating qualities aid in enhancing a complexion's natural shine.

5. Anti-aging:
Antioxidants included in basil oil protect skin from oxidative stress and early aging.


Steam distillation of the leaves of Basil herb


Sweet, Herbaceous, Spicy

Product color

Mild greenish golden yellow

How to use

1. Apply warm water on your face
2. Add another carrier oil to basil oil to dilute it (1 drop from basil to 12 drops of carrier oil)
3. Use a circular motion as you massage your face
4. After 20 minutes, wash your face, and then pat it dry

Things to keep in mind

1. To apply the essential oil safely, make sure to dilute it in a carrier oil
2. On delicate skin, such as around the eyes and nose, avoid using essential oils
3. Applying it to skin that has been damaged is not advised
4. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets
5. Avoid being exposed to sunlight while applying Basil Oil
6. Stop using immediately and seek medical advice if you have any irritation
7. If you have sensitive skin or are pregnant, avoid using
8. Use a patch test to determine whether you are allergic to basil oil before using it.

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