Neem Oil

Neem Oil

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  • Azadirachta indica's seeds or kernels are used to make neem oil. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and is frequently cultivated there.
  • Because of the many advantages of this tree, neem is recognised as a healing and protective plant.
  • This oil can safely be used for all skin types. For those with oily, inflamed, or acne-prone skin, the oil is quite helpful. 


Fatty acids (EFA), Limonoids, Vitamin E, Triglycerides, Antioxidants, and Calcium are some of the components that make up Neem Oil.


1. Gives clear skin:
It is abundant in healing substances that support skin renewal and a spotless appearance. Spots, marks, and other flaws will appear less noticeable as a result. Vitamin E also nourishes skin and guards against cracks that could appear dull.

2. It eliminates whiteheads and blackheads:
In addition to promoting internal skin tissue healing, the high concentration of fatty acids in this oil helps to prevent scars , blackheads and whiteheads on your skin.

3. Anti-acne:
Neem has a long history of being used to treat skin problems like acne and pimples. Neem Oil shares these characteristics; it is a rich source of anti-microbial substances that limit the action of germs that can result in acne or pimples. Additionally, it reduces any skin disorders' associated irritation.

4. Diminishes hyperpigmentation:
Neem oil assists in regulating melanin production, which when produced in large amounts causes hyperpigmentation, an uneven skin tone, and age spots. Neem oil's regenerative and reparative qualities can aid in minimising hyperpigmentation.

5. Prevents the onset of aging:
Neem oil significantly aids in preventing wrinkles and fine lines by decreasing the impact of free radicals and boosting collagen stimulation in your skin. The vitamin C and antioxidants in this oil aid to increase collagen formation, which in turn helps to delay the appearance of age-related skin changes.

6. Softens dry skin:
Neem oil is a fantastic moisturiser for dry skin because of its high fatty acid content and antioxidant content, which have powerful skin-healing effects. It not only helps moisturise the skin, but it also balances the pH levels.


Cold Pressed


Garlic or sulfur aroma

Product color

Yellow to brown

How to use

1. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to lightly dab the neem oil onto the affected area, and then wait up to 20 minutes for it to be absorbed
2. Use warm water to remove the oil after 20 minutes
3. Use daily until the desired results are obtained
4. To enhance the advantages of your preferred shampoo, moisturiser, or cleaner, you can also add a few drops of neem oil to them.

Things to keep in mind

1. Perform a patch test on your arm before applying neem oil to your face. It should be safe to use the oil to other parts of your body if, after 24 hours, you don't experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling or redness

2. Neem oil is powerful by nature, thus those with sensitive skin or significant skin problems may experience negative effects. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you can perform a tiny patch test on your skin before incorporating it into your routine

3. Due to its potency, neem oil can irritate skin if left on overnight. You can apply it for one to two hours before rinsing it off with warm water

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