Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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  • Olive oil, also known as Olea europaea oil, is a liquid that is derived from the fleshy section of ripe olives.
  • This oil is good for most skin types, although it should be avoided if you have sensitive skin or acne. 


It contains plenty of polyphenols, oleic acid, and linoleic acid, all of which contribute to healthy, firm skin. It contains significant amounts of the vitamins E, A, D, and K, which can shield the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, from a variety of environmental stresses.


1. Prevents water loss:
The primary advantage of olive oil is that it keeps skin moisturised by preventing water loss. This moisturising procedure raises the water content of the skin, enhancing both its health and beauty.

2) Delays the onset of premature aging:
Vitamins A, D, K, and E, as well as squalene are abundant in olive oil, which helps in lowering oxidative stress on the skin that causes skin aging to occur more quickly.

3) Prevents environmental deterioration:
The antioxidant properties of olive oil shield skin cells from inflammation and environmental harm. This means defence against early aging as well as symptoms of irritability or redness.

4) Makeup Remover:
Olive oil is wonderful for breaking down waxy items like waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes and nourishes the eyelashes with the additional advantages of antioxidants and moisturising squalene. While olive oil can remove and shift oil-soluble residues from the skin, including makeup and sebum, both the olive oil and degraded makeup should be removed with a cleanser.

5) Heals skin wounds:
Olive oil's anti-inflammatory components can help wounds heal. Triterpenes, which are found in many plant oils but particularly in olive oil, support a variety of biological processes including cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition, all of which are crucial for wound healing.


Cold Pressed


Pungent, Fruity aroma

Product color

Pure golden yellow to green

How to use

1. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of Olive oil on your face
2. When your skin is still slightly damp from your shower or bath, it is preferable to use olive oil
3. After being in the sun or getting a sunburn, using olive oil as a moisturiser may be extremely beneficial
4. It's crucial to get rid of extra oil because doing so keeps your pores from becoming clogged

Things to keep in mind

1. Patch testing should be performed first
2. It's best to start out slowly while applying olive oil on your skin if you've never done so before
3. Applying a few drops of olive oil to your forearm or elbow and seeing how your skin reacts is an easy approach to see if your skin will accept the oil
4. It is safe if there are no skin reactions after one to two days
5. You will know that olive oil is not the greatest option for you if your skin turns red or swollen
6. If you have sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions, a patch test is extremely beneficial

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